puerto vallarta: part 2

so in april, i took a trip to puerto vallarta with a group of friends to celebrate turning 30- i posted a tiny sneak peek as i was waiting on the good stuff to come from my bff and fellow photog, allison of focal point photographics. it is always such a treat to have someone take photos of my family and it seems i am finding myself doing that less and less, so these few that she snagged of me and hubby while we were in PV are so special to me!! i just got them from her a couple of weeks ago but it was sooo worth the wait!! i will treasure these always and thank you so much allison for taking them. the first one is of the whole group on the trip – us 4 girls were all college roomies and have made our hubbies become friends too:)

and this might be my favorite….

shannon - OMG! Melissa! You and Derek are so stinkin’ cute! You look so in love…my favorite is the last one too!!!

Anya - Nice shots!Love them all!

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