tea with trista

the big day finally came and went and i have so many fun images to share! grab a drink and kick back for what’s going to be a very long post:) but i have lots to share and lots of people to thank, so here goes…

tea with trista was a whimsical event that combined the worlds of my vintage baby and alice-in-wonderland to formally launch the 2010 mvb fall collection. we celebrated the new line with a catalog release and live fashion show. we feasted on the finest and most delightful tea party food. we raffled and auctioned off a multitude of fine prizes for our fine guests. we had a candy bar. and a live alice. a red carpet and a photo booth. and we had trista!!! could this get any better? any more fun??

doesn’t trista look oh-so-cute? she also did a fabulous job before the event plugging the tea on WFAA channel 8’s good morning texas and with mix 102.9 and victoria snee. you can view trista’s television interview here. Be sure to watch for the awesome display of mdp photos to flash across your screen for a loooong time – thank you channel 8!!

here is more trista with her troop of little winter rosettes:) her line is called winter rose and is inspired by a 1950’s vintage tablecloth and her history with roses!!

don’t forget this was all for a good cause too! we had representatives from the juvenile diabetes research foundation present – what an honor to have them here to help kick off fall! a portion of the proceeds from trista’s line will go directly to JDRF. here is a JDRF local affiliate child in action with trista!

more fun details to help set the mood for you…

oh, and look who made a surprise visit??? reality steve and jeremy from the bachelorette!

did i mention the crowd was Cuh-ray-zee over trista??!!! everyone wanted to talk with her and have their photo taken!! even i managed to work in 2 free seconds to have my mine done:)

some of the fashion show in action. this guy was quite the hit with those rockstar hands:)

and our very own alice…

  • thank you to my vintage baby for this wild ride and for this opportunity! here’s the corporate crew – all amazingly talented and fun ladies!!

  • thank you to my mom who took care of my 2 sick children so that i could stay well and prep for this event! as my loyal readers know, she is the queen of creativity, so i was thrilled she was still able to work her magic the mornig of the tea arranging and styling many of the pieces featured above.
  • thank you to my friend evan of evan chavez photography who assisted me with this event. i could not have tackled this without another set of trustworthy hands. evan, you did an awesome job!
  • thank you to the tomkat studio for inspiring us and accepting my crazy proposal to help style our event!! we still wish you could have joined us for the big day, but thank you for all of your donations and your talent. all of their custom details – the cupcake toppers and food tags, programs, menus, signs, labels and other alice graphic pieces – you see are all courteousy of tomkat. you can view more of their work event on their blog here and even purchase your own alice goods and more in their etsy shop! be sure to become a fan on Facebook!
  • thank you to stonebriar country club for hosting this event and for the lovely menu. susan, you are fabulous!!
  • thank you to timeless elegance weddings for being party planners extraordinaire! they and many of their partners stepped up to the plate to donate our flowers, linens, lots of man power plus lighting, DJ’s and so much more!!
  • thank you to arlington camera, my favorite camera shop, who donated all of the equipment and photo booth set-up for the event.
  • thank you to elegant cakery for donating over 300 cupcakes, which are more like pieces of art, for the event! they were heavenly and such a hit. you have got to check out their website – this place is good!

there are so many more invidivuals and businesses that were apart of this big day, so thank you, thank you! these parties above are simply the ones i worked with directly so i wanted to give a special shout out:) i hope i haven’t left anyone out and i hope all of you that came had a wonderful time!!!

Lesley Brooks - Pics look great! You did an amazing job, beautiful pictures as always!!! You really captured the fun nature of the day! You’re the best!

Katie - Beautiful!!! You look amazing, too! I’m very sad that I missed such a fun event. I can see touches of “Becky” in the decor. My favorite are all the colorful dress forms that are decorated so fun and frilly. What I wouldn’t give for one of those cupcakes right now…That last picture makes my mouth water! So proud and happy for you, friend!

gigi - Such a treat to work with my very TALENTED daughter, create special memories, and have lots of fun! Melissa…you and the mvb crew pulled off an AWESOME event. So many folks were blessed. Back home and miss you. Know you are already gearing up for your next project! Momma says…get some rest, okay.

Toni Chase - Melissa…..Stunning is the only word that comes to mind. Everything was amazing. I so wish we could have been there. And gurl….where did you get that gorgeous pink dress??? I’m in love. Beatiful job!!! It was so great to work with you.

Amy - Everything is gorgeous! Sad I couldn’t make this.

Heather Cheatham - AMAZING Melissa, just amazing. You are so talented… What a ride you are on! Congratulations. You deserve it!

Carolyn - Whoa! Hadn’t been by in awhile..look at you. Wondey! LOVE YOUR DRESS. You look fabulous. Your photos are amazing. I’ll stop gushing. :)

admin - thanks to everyone for their comments!! it was so, so fun and i just wish you all could have been there to take part in person:)
@toni – i got that dress on my recent trip to NYC. it was a random find at a random store! i will try and dig up the name…

Kim Kenney - These pictures are absolutely fabulous!!

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